What is the Haitian Ladies Network®?

Haitian Ladies Network® is a powerful professional and social global network connecting more than 80,000 Haitian women from across the U.S, Haiti, Canada, and throughout the world. HLN curates programming year-round including the signature Haitian Ladies Weekend in DC. For more information, visit www.haitianladies.org.

A group of Haitian ladies women attendees standing on the stage of the Haitian Ladies Weekend conference
Author Edwidge Danticat speaking with a group of Haitian women at Haitian Ladies Network conference

What is Haitian Ladies Weekend?

Hosted by the Haitian Ladies Network® Steering Committee, Haitian Ladies Weekend convenes hundreds of women and young ladies of Haitian descent each year in Washington, DC.

Why Was It Created?

The weekend grew out of the long tradition of the DC Haitian Ladies Brunch launched more than 16 years ago. It provides an opportunity to engage with nationally recognized speakers, make authentic connections and network, and celebrate the Haitian culture.

A Haitian woman wearing a red suit and voluminous curls holding a Louis Vutton purse being interviewed by a media journalist at the Haitian Ladies Weekend

Our Founders

Haitian Ladies Network Steering Committee photo

(Top row left to right) Kysseline Jean-Mary Cherestal, Thamar Harrigan, Karen Andre, Ariel Dominique, Fendy Mesy, A.D. Rachel Pierre. (Bottom row left to right) Syncia Sabain Louis-Charles, Phara Georges Rodrigue, Nadine Duplessy Kearns, Theola DeBose

Our Steering Committee

Nadine Duplessy Kearns Chair of Haitian Ladies Network

Nadine Duplessy Kearns, Chair

Phara Georges Rodrigue Haitian Ladies Network committee member

Phara Georges Rodrigue

Syncia Sabain Louis-Charles Haitian Ladies Network committee member

Syncia Sabain Louis-Charles

Ariel Dominique Haitian Ladies Network committee member

Ariel Dominique

Clara Benice Haitian Ladies Network committee member

Clara Benice

Nashley Harrigan Haitian Ladies Network committee member

Nashley Harrigan

A D Rachel Pierre Haitian Ladies Network committee member

A.D. Rachel Pierre

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